Tobii Sanwo

Associate Consultant

Tobii possesses expertise in Security, Research, Communications & Strategy, Peace building and Monitoring & Evaluation. He has also planned and managed several policy advocacy symposiums. He worked as a Project Manager and Operations Analyst at Smile Africa Foundation, an educational non-governmental organisation at the forefront of educational reform through technology in Sub-Saharan Africa. Tobii was part of the Smile Africa foundation founding team and pioneered a program called ATNT (Africa Then Now and Tomorrow) which teaches African history and achievements.

Tobii holds a BSc in International Law and Diplomacy from the Babcock University School of law and security studies, an MSC in Post-conflict Justice and Peace Building from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland and an MA in Security, Intelligence and Diplomacy from the Buckingham University Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies (BUCSIS) London, United Kingdom.

Security, Research, Communications & Strategy


Peace-building and Monitoring & Evaluation


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