Kehinde Olubi

Senior Consultant

Kehinde holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Computer Science from the University of Lagos, she is a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and a certified member of Information Systems Audit Control Association (ISACA) with over 30years of working experience and a wealth of practical experience in the banking industry in Nigeria. She is equipped with practical experience in Internal Auditing, Systems Auditing, IT management, Software implementation, Project Management, Strategic Sourcing and Cost management.

Started her working career as Analyst/Programmer in Bragl Nigeria Limited, an IT Consulting firm after her completion of NYSC in 1989.  Started her banking career in 1990 as a Computer Auditor in Societe Generale Bank Limited, a commercial bank where she earned double promotion based on merit due to her dedication and commitment to duty.

Set up a System Audit function in Equity Bank Nig. Limited, another commercial bank of repute in 1994, Acquired Internal Auditing experience and rose to become the Head of Internal Audit and also the Chief Inspector of the bank. Played a key role in the development of Policies and Procedures, Operational manual and Business Process definition, Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery manual, Audit manuals for business units and key functional areas of the bank Served as the Group Head, Information Technology and was involved in the implementation of several IT projects such as Acquisition and Installation of IBM P695 & P595 servers, Human Manager, Phoenix Banking Software which was later upgraded to Equinox Banking Software and worked as the System Administrator for several years. Participated actively in the implementation of the banking solutions, Audit Command Language (ACL) tool and coordinated the Change management process for these projects in which the bank was able to achieve zero successful Fraud attempt in the year 2002 which was a rare achievement in the industry as acknowledged by the regulators.

  • Coordinated the Internal and Systems Audit functions in a professional manner that added significant values to the organisation
  • Re-organised and co-ordinated the IT functions in 2004 for strategic positioning in a unique professional manner that attracted a commendation from the Divisional Head and Chief Executive of the bank.
  • Joined Intercontinental Bank PLC after the merger in 2005 and was appointed the Group Head, IT
  • Contributed to the successful merger of 4 banks in the group in 2005 to an extent that a unique landmark was recorded in the industry in which the integration of 4 legacy systems enabled customers of each of the merging banks to withdraw from any branch of choice using their existing accounts.
  • Played a key role in the selection, evaluation and successful implementation of Flexcube Banking Application were 200 branches went live the same day in 2007. This was a unique record-breaking achievement in the banking industry for the bank as well as the software provider and the project consultant, PWC.
  • Reviewed all existing projects and ensured the bank received value for money which gave her recognition and was later appointed to oversee the Price Verification Desk for the bank by the Group Chief executive in 2006.
  • Worked as the Group Executive, Systems Audit & Process Review and coordinated the price verification desk in 2007 before she was appointed Project Manager, Strategic Sourcing under the Global strategy Project in 2007 which she managed successfully and was acknowledged to be the most impactful and well-implemented work-stream by management and the project consultants, PWC UK and Nigeria.
  • Set up an effective and efficient procurement organisation as well as cost management function for the bank in 2008, which achieved significant cost reduction within a year. Formulated various procurement policies and cost control procedures for the bank.
  • Managed and coordinated several IT projects successfully which added significant values to the bank e.g. Microsoft Enterprise Solutions, Enterprise Security project, Netapps Storage Solution, Disaster Recovery Centre, Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) project (HRMS, Budget, GL, Purchasing and Inventory Management System)
  • Attended several training courses both locally and abroad and is an alumnus of Lagos Business School Senior Management Programme
  • Served as a member of several committees such as: Computer Steering Committee, Policy and Procedure Review Committee, Management Credit Committee, Audit Review Committee, Systems Implementation Committee, Disciplinary Committee, Tenders Committee, Security Committee, Cost Control Committee, New Products Development Committee, Budget Review Committee, Branch Development Committee, E-banking Implementation Committee, Software Selection Committee, Price Verification Committee.
  • Set up Amag Professional Training Academy now Amag Executive Academy in May, 2010 for capacity building and leadership development of professionals in various industries in the country
  • Set up a library management services in 2010 for corporate organisationsand individuals for personal development and enhancement of their skills and performance.
  • Set up the IT Solution services in 2011 to cater for the IT needs of various organisations and individuals thereby ensuring they receive value for money on their IT projects.
  • Set up the Systems Audit and Security consulting services in 2015 to enable organisations achieve the following objectives:
  1. Safeguarding of Information System Assets/Resources
  2. Maintenance of Data Integrity
  3. Maintenance of System Effectiveness
  4. Ensuring System Efficiency
  5. Identification and prioritization of risks etc.
  • Developed over 50l training programmes and shared practical experience with employees of various organisations such as bank, insurance companies, pension fund administrators, telecommunication, manufacturing companies to enhance their skills and enable them to increase the value of their contributions to their organisations.

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